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Choose right colour for your exterior

Tips for Choosing the Right Colours for Your Home Exterior Paint Job

Choosing the right colour for your home exterior paint job should not be made without careful thought and consideration. You will have to live with the colours you choose for your exterior paint job for a long time. In most houses, the average life span of exterior paints lasts for eight years or more dependent on the type of paint used and the colour chosen.

Choosing one colour is something that would be very difficult for homeowners to compromise on especially when it comes to painting the outside of your home. This is why when it comes to choosing the colour for your home’s exterior you need to practice due diligence and place lots of thought into the decision.

Take Note of the Feel and Look of Your Neighborhood

As far as the colour is concerned, you need to take into consideration the colour scheme of your neighborhood. Choose one colour that will compliment the outside of your home as well as your neighborhood. Dark and bright colours are more likely to fade quicker. With that consideration, bright paint colours are known to be more cheerful and will definitely make your house more appealing and easier to look at. On the other hand, dark colours will make it so that the wear and tear of winter doesn’t show as much on the exterior of your home.

Even if you’ve become comfortable with the colour of your home’s exterior, choosing new colours could be an exciting and refreshing change. A new paint job can have a positive emotional impact on you and your family.

Look for contrasting or coordinating colours for your trim. The contrasting or coordinating colour can also be added to your home’s porches, garage, shutters and even exterior doors. This will give your home more depth.

Make Note of the Details of the Exterior of Your Home

Walk around your home’s exterior and make note of the different features of the outside of your home. Try to take a look at the stone, roof, brick, mortar of your home. This is where you can start choosing the right colour for your home’s exterior paint job.

Exterior Paint Considerations for your home. The colour that you’re going to choose is primarily dictated by the colours which are already present in your home’s exterior. This is often overlooked by homeowners. Don’t make the same mistake that many homeowners make when choosing colours for the exterior of your home. Homeowners see another house that looks good with a certain colour and think it will look good on their own home. The best thing you can do to beautify the exterior of your home is to choose colours that compliment the already existing mood and colour scheme.

Don’t Rely on One Paint Chip Test

The same as your home’s interior paint, exterior paint colour shades may differ from the paint chip you bring home from the paint store. Since painting the exterior of your home is a much bigger undertaking than painting a bedroom it is best to hire a professional home painter to go over all the colour options with.

Most hardware stores carry swatches of colours in different shades and they may look good in the store but it’s important to consider your home’s surroundings, what it looks like during different seasons, and what your neighborhood looks like. These are all things a professional home paint contractor can walk you through when it comes time to choose the right colour.

The colour is not the only consideration. You are also going to need to determine what kind of prep work is involved based on the existing paint and material on the exterior of your home, and what paint is best for your home.

These are just a few pointers when it comes to choosing the right colour of paint for the exterior of your home. It’s always best to consult an expert home painter before making the final decision. There are many things to consider when selecting the colour and type of paint as well as materials for prepping your home. The right paint decision will have your house looking spectacular for years to come.