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Maintaing a roof in NZ’s harsh climates

The benefits of maintaining the roof paint coating regularly.

Your house, your home, your commercial property as we all know is a huge investment and needs to be well looked after. Your roof can make or break you when it comes to maintenance bills now or in the future.
If you want the best tip from a commercial roof painter then read on.

Roofing consultants will tell you to use the products the experts use , the products that have been proven in the marketplace in New Zealand since 1993. At Paul Walker Decorators & Son we use these products.

A superior roof coating can mean less maintenance in the long term and less work for you as the owner.

We have been specialising in applying to our customers a range of roof paints now for many years and our experience covers things such as roofs with corrosion, or in areas where high acids and alkaline are present i.e near the sea or near commercial manufacturing areas.


The roof is an important part of any commercial or residential buildings as it works to protects the interior of the building. There are so many roof coatings to choose from out there, it is always important to ask which is the right one for your roof. Choosing the best application and contractor can be quite a challenge especially if you know absolutely nothing about what needs to be done.

Roof coating or painting can prolong the shelf life of your roof by strengthening and protecting it from the harsh weather and the suns UV rays.
Quality roof paint is affordable and lasts for long periods of time if applied correctly.
Durable products can also help you save on your energy bills because they have the ability to reflective the suns rays leaving your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter through not as much lost heat.
The coating also helps to prevent moss and lichen growing and who wants that on their roof.

Having your roof maintained regularly can be an alternative to replacing your whole roof. Call one of our experts to assist you with this. Instead of having your whole roof replaced you may be able to just coat it and it will be as good as new.

Roof paint can transform your home and commercial building leaving it looking fresh and clean and will add value come sale time.
Best of all some of the roof coatings are environmentally friendly, its just a matter of us helping you choose the right one.
When you are at that stage of wanting a makeover for your roof, let Paul Walker Decorators & Son do the job for you, we will also give you tips on roof maintenance. We offer great prices, service and Exceptional end results.

We use products that are of the highest quality and will have your roof looking Fantastic for years to come.